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This Master Package is your priority  - it includes the complete and detailed Real Self Defense online program covering strategy, concept, extreme situations resolution, dynamic defensive and offensive techniques and much more. The Master Package contains the most important effective reality based techniques/tactics and methods needed to get the full value of Real Self Defense. Learn from internationally renomated expert Master Salvatore OLIVA.  Learn how to fight and control the attacker 360°. Essential. Full. Complete. 



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Starter Package
Advanced Package
Lethal Tools Functional Trapping
Stick Combat Basic Body Hardening
Gun Disarm Training Explosive Straightblast
Flashlight Defense Clinch Fighting Training
Ground & Pound Survival
Advanced Ground Combat
Expert Package
Master Package
Mass Attack Knife vs Knife
Car Defense Knife Training
Knife Defense Knife Primary Locks
Street Ground Defense Bar Fight Tactics
Clinch Fighting Kubotan Defense
Street Trapping

Rapid Safe Tools

Powerfull Energy Drills

Advanced Knife Combat

Home Reactive Defense

Home Threat Defense

Street Combat Trapping

Street Essential Techniques

Defense with Daily Objects

Street Defense Tactics



Please read this warning of use carefully before watching any promos, trailers and online videos.All rights reserved by Salvatore OLIVA and OLIVA Combat System. Injuries of copyright will be internationaly criminaly tracked.The use of all O.C.S. video is permitted only for the purchaser`s personal use exclusively. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution, reproduction, rent, sale and any projections in all places for any public of all OLIVA Combat System (O.C.S.) promos, trailers and online videos as a whole or their parts, name as well as all parts of logo OLIVA Combat System in all kinds of social media, internet or retail is strictly prohibited by law.The OLIVA Combat System (O.C.S.) is result of years of intensive international training and research as well as development of the system – through the cause of this all online video packages or membership payments are final and we DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. After you have paid for online videos you will be granted access to the various online videos packages or membership and no refund will be possible afterwards.By using this online video you agree to these warning/terms of use. If you do not agree to these Warning & Terms of  Use, please do not buy online videos.All OLIVA Combat System promos, trailers and videos contain images or ideas that may shock the viewer and techniques that can result in serious physical injury or death, and is presented ONLY for interteinmant purpose and not for any other purpose. O.C.S. and individuals involved in the production and those demonstrating their skills disclaim any responsibility regarding your use of all this content. We are not responsible for your actions. Before beginning any techniques and exercise program you should consult your physician. Practice these techniques, methods and exercise program always under the guidance of official, acknowledged and qualified instructor only. Do not view or practice this content if you are not of legal age.Never train with any real weapon. Real weapon or hand to hand combat techniques involve inherent and unavoidable risk. Real weapon are dangerous and abviously, serious injury and death can result from any real weapon and hand to hand combat techniques use. If you are not willing and able to take responsibility for your action, do not handle any real weapon and hand to hand combat techniques use. Never train with real firearm except in an official and acknowledged shooting range and always under the guidance of official, acknowledged and qualified shooting instructor only and always follow all the firearms safety rules.When considering the application of any technique, you must be aware of what action may constitute „REASONABLE FORCE“ and „EXCESSIVE FORCE“. Consult your local law enforcement agency. Laws vary in each state/country and jurisdiction. If you are a law enforcement officier, be familiar with your agency`s policies governing „USE OF FORCE“. Use the information on this videos at your own risk.Individuals involved in the production of this program and those demonstrating their skills assume no responsibility, no liability for any injury, death, loss, damage or expenses of any kind resulting from the execution of shooting, self defense/martial art techniques, methods, techniques, exercises and programm presented here. Remember that everything you are doing, will do or act must be done in a proper, correct and legal way according to the law of the country you act or going to act! You alone are responsible for your actions!

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