The Progressive Defence System (P.D.S.) - Learn to defend yourself

Program P.D.S.

Converting anxiety into
self confidence and self assurance

The Progressive Defence System (P.D.S.) is not a martial art of the traditional kind. It is a revolutionary self defence program, an authentic street self defence concept designed for the pure self protection of civilians. The program emphasises above all the functionality and effectiveness of the weapon.

The system is based on short, precise, logical and instinctive movements that are to be executed simply, at maximum speed, with a flowing technique and full force.

The primary demand on the program is the techniques for staying alive. This also applies to all OLIVA Combat System programs, because they are not based on traditional martial arts or specific fighting sport backgrounds.

The P.D.S. program concept is a pragmatic and structured system and is divided into the various levels of 1-6, level 6 ending with the BLACK BELT. Instructor rankings are from 1-9, and end with the title of Grand Master. All rankings (students to Grand Master) are recognised by the International School World Martial Arts.

Course aim and target groups

Converting anxiety into
self confidence and self assurance

The primary objective is to teach self confidence and self assurance through an extreme self defence system, which aims solely to achieve perfect defence in an emergency situation and guarantees to end aggression in the shortest possible time.

The course participants are taught how to defend themselves swiftly and directly. P.D.S. system courses focus mainly on civilians, though can also be useful for enforcement agencies. The various defence techniques can be learned by people of any gender and any age. OLIVA’s instruction program is based on a student’s own potential, promotes strengths and sharpens perception.

Course contents

Developing qualities

Movement and coordination
Timing and precision
Controlling emotions under stress
Recognising dangerous situations
Aggression diffusion and extreme performance increase
Converting anxiety into self confidence and self assurance