For security reasons, the program for members of the military is trained live!

Program C.a.t.

Converting anxiety into
self confidence and self assurance

The Cobra Assault Tactics, C.A.T. system, military program, is a targeted method developed specifically for military units. C.A.T. military training is an aggressive and effective combat system for soldiers designed specifically for the different harsh and brutal deployment situations.

It teaches the defining and dynamic method through realistic training scenarios. This ultimate, practical military combat system is therefore operational in the shortest possible time!

Strategy and tactics

Converting anxiety into
self confidence and self assurance

The C.A.T. system, military training, aims to ensure that all tactics and techniques are applicable and successful under extreme physical and psychological stress in real combat confrontations. The exercises are convincingly effective and simple. The solider is best prepared for his mission, able to survive and returns unscathed.

For security reasons, the program for members of the military is trained live!

Course contents

Hand to Hand Close Combat

Hand to Hand Close Combat

Hand to Hand Close Combat

Hand to Hand Close Combat

Defence and control techniques
Defence and incapacitating
Defence and elimination of the enemy

Gun Protection - Gun Threats and Gun Retention

Applying pistol techniques with variable leg positions
- Defence against attempts to disarm (holster or held)
Weapon keeping
Armed defence
Disarming with short or long weapon
Disarming from a distance (arm’s length)
Disarming in a shoot-out - all directions
Control and guaranteeing neutral weapon
Defence methods with pistol against knife attacks
Disarming in crowded areas - without injuring civilians


„You gave me lot of gold to work with. You really changed the way i look at everything. My approach to training is going to be tremendously improved thanks to you.“

US Marines Corps

Sgt Victor Aroyo

The efficiency, speed and direct way of the techniques ... were astonishing and convinced us immediatly. We could strongly feel your (Salvatore's) drive, your passion and your motivation to teach us the techniques not only in our aching muscles the next day.

Specialforces Department Enzian State Police Bern, Switzerland

Peter Jenk

This methos is highly appreciated by our police officers. The details of the system make it a must for every police training: simplicity, efficiency and safety. Master Salvatore OLIVA ... is a person of integrity and a great master.

Chef of Police Department and Instructor Basque Region Police Academy, Spain

D.Octavio Valle Heras

This system, and Cobra Assault Tactics in particular, is proven to be an easy, effective and practical combat system. It's a successful mixture wich is perfect for police, military or security professionals. It shows you a new perspective to the variety of security problems, and at the same time gives you ways and strategies to get these problems solved.

Chef City Police Department Kloten Switzerland

Vincenzo Condoleo

The power of this person is the fire inside, fed through many years of strict discipline, wich have resulted in exeptional skills. Salvatore Oliva gives you a kick that comes from within where his own restless flame pushes him to new limits of excellence.

Director Budo International

Alfredo Tucci

Not only is this excellent, effective and practice relevant system highly impressive but also the skills of Salvatore Oliva himself. His great competence in didactical tutoring is topped with his vast knowledge in various Martial Arts.

Detective Officer State Police Department Zürich Switzerland

Robert Thomi

The structure of the training was chosen wisely - everyone obtained full advantages of the lesson and wasn't overloaded with complicated routines. I can recommend you with a clear conscience at anytime.

Instructor Selfdefense State Police Department Zürich Switzerland

Gort Silva


We offer comprehensive Combat Defense courses for special forces and military units, supported by tailored Cobra Assault Tactics military program to meet your extreme requirements and needs in the best way.
OLIVA Combat System offers a wide range of trainings for military units. Our program covers the most effective tactics and techniques for extreme circumstances of conflict or assault.
It will be an honor for us to offer you a customized C.A.T. training course for individual special forces or military units.

For security reasons, the program for members of the military is trained live!