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OLIVA Combat System is a brand standing for Real Self Defense for civilians.

Knife Training

This unique, refined and effective Knife Training System is defined by its modern training methods, techniques and principles. Knife training consists of a structured, technical and strategic training that shows what to do depending on the different kinds of attack and position of the opponent.

Knife Primary Locks

Knife Primary Locks focus on motorical techniques and physical manipulation in a standing position as well as on the ground. In every position you will recognize simple index points for motor control and apply these points in order to effectively carry out a full defense technique and gain control with pressure and neutralization concept.

Knife vs Knife

Knife vs Knife is a highly complex defense system aimed against knife attacks, also inclides how knife training unit. Knife vs Knife is suitable for instructors and those who aspire to be one. The goal is to develop techical skills and get to know knife-combat concept and its methods.

Car Defense

Car Defense is full technical program against enemy attacks in the car. Trainig shows how to defend yourself against sudden gun, knife or bare hand attack conducted inside as well as outside of the vehicle. Equipped 360° modern defense solution.

Knife Defense

Knife Defense is an effective defense system with main focuse on agility, knife control, body controll and defensive skills. An intriguing defense program includes different angles of attack, skills training, and defense against the most common knife attacks. Knife Defense guides you through the complete and effective defense concept.

Flashlight Defense

Flashlight Defense deals with applicable tactical flashlight or tactical flashlight short-strike weapon in on-off mode meets the full needs of the Flashlight Defense concept. These highly efficient, simple and direct tools are a perfect self-defense weapon.

Gun Disarm Training

Gun Disarm training for Law Enforcemet and security professionals who regularly carry weapon. The basic gun disarm training program is so essential and relevant for the law enforcement officers. When in armed conflict you can act correctly and effectively for self-protection.

Lethal Tools

Lethal Tools or Natural Body Weapons. You will use your body parts effectively in a bare hands situation at close range. Combined use of heads, elbows and knees is decisive and gives ways to free yourself or carry out a control grip.

Mass Attack

Mass Attack is a fundamental training strategy that allows you to defend yourself against multiple attackers at a very close distance. Multiple Attack Trainings develops the necessary characteristics to meet these combat situations with relevant techniques and prepared mindset.

Stick Combat

Stick Combat Concept includes the development of characteristics, training method and training drills. Through conceived real-world training scenarios, the concept provides a practical and efficient stick combat and defense against dangerous armed attacks.

Rapid Safe Tools

Rapid Safe Tools is a highly efficient self-protection applications with simple and effective techniques. The idea behind R.S.T. Concept was to make everyone capable of self-defense in the shortest possible time with the simplest and most direct tools such as fist thrust, palm strike, hammer strike, elbow, and many other - without any prior knowledge.

Clinch Fighting

Clinch Fighting - Anti-grappling deals with extreme close combat situations and positions that seem unescapable. Street Clinch Fight is unfair and without rules as opposed to any sports. Clinch Fighting tactical program is based on situational and proportional techniques – you will master body and breath in order to dominate grappling confrontation and survive unforeseen.

Kubotan Defense

Kubotan is a perfect, effective and dangerous close combat weapon that is used as a pressure booster or strike. The key features are skills training, technique training, self-protection applications and proportionality principle applicable during the confrontation. Warning: Kubotan and Tactical Pen are declared illegal weapons in various countries!

Bar Fight Tactics

Bar Fighting Tactics is a fast, effective self-defense system against all types of attack. This trainuig guides you through survival techniques against knife attack, punch and and other to dominate in confrontation and win a fight in a bar environment.

Street Ground Defense

Street Ground Defense – extreme defense tactics and techniques in bad weather situations and circumstances such as slippery ground, rain, poor visibility, as well as hidden weapons or not/little visible ones. All tricks are allowed. Your goal is to finish the fight as quickly as possible!

Clinch Fighting Training

Clinch Fighting Training contains effective defense techniques and focus training, which are essential to get out of the various clich position attacks and win. It contains break-down of important points of view, highlighting nuances of movement, tactics and information of vital importance.

Home Threat Defense

Home Threat Defense is the most rapid and extreme Home Terrytory Defense Program with a full set of survival techniques and survival tactics. Best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones and gain total control over the opponent in the environment of the room.

Home Reactive Defense

Home Reactive Defense refers to home enviroment and protecting yourself and your property from a threat. When an intruder attacks, you are ready to launch destructive counterattacks using multiple powerful strikes with speed and precision.

Basic Body Hardening

Body Hardening Basic Program is essential to help the body endure and resist pain in order to withstand various attacks from opponents. The end goal of the hardening process is to harden the outer body until it becomes your armor.

Advanced Knife Combat

Advanced Knife Combat is a multilevel knife training that aims at characteristics, footwork, solo training, attack angles, Knife Mass Attack and the 4Combat Range. Through specific training, you will develop speed, precision and efficiency during knife attack.

Powerfull Energy Drills

Powerfull Energy Drills – shows various training possibilities to pre-empt and destroy the enemy's attack. This part explains concepts and effective techniques for self-defense, with emphasis on timing, speed, power, precision and sensitivity (energy drills).

Functional Trapping

Functional Trapping Training refers to the 4 Combat Range: Kicking | Boxing | Trapping | Grappling |. This detailed, functional trapping training program is based on a specific method tailored to the time and process of the approach and is seen as crusial milestone in every self-defence education.

Street Trapping

Street Trapping Concept is the next level of functional trapping training and is based on 3 important rules: Simple | Direct | Effective |. Ensuring a rapid application of techniques and effective clear break down of the techniques - method is crucial for succesfull trappimg escape.

Street Defense Tactics

Street Defense Tactics which is necessary to have a 360° degree defense. S.D.T. tactics is a basic concept with a short series of actions and effective strikes with the aim of reaching the goal as quickly as possible to end the fight.

Explosive Straightblast

Explosive Straightblast - straight and powerful effective direct blows are devastating for the opponent. The explosive circular movement blows combined with various lethal techniques are fatal for the opponent.

Street Combat Trapping

Street Combat Trapping is the true essence of Street Combat that is based on 4 principles: Advance | Pression | Application | Fight End |. S.C.T. takes your skills to the next level – all techniques are build on natural instincts, reflexes, elastic energy, flow and elastic strength and aim to defend yourself in any trapping situation.

Ground & Pound Survival

Ground & Pound Survival will traing you techniques how to strike first and why use specific strokes. Regardless of your skills or rank there is only one thing that applies to a real violent encounter on the ground - the fastest way to be on your feet unscathed.

Defense with Daily Objects

Defense with Daily Objects is a perfect mix of everyday objects that can be used as a weapon quickly and effectively. The aim is to use improvised weapons such as magazines, pens or other tools correctly and efficiently. Warning: Kubotan and Tactical Pen are declared illegal weapons in various countries!

Street Essential Techniques

Street Essential Techniques covers all aspects defense when attacked and provides all necessary techniques.It teaches you necessary mindset and ways of approach ain order to survive in a street confrontation. All techniques are specially designed for Street Self Defense.

Advanced Ground Combat

Advanced Ground Combat's goal is to quickly overcome dangers when in heavy ground combat situationt. The program focuses on 4 priorities of ground survival: Survival | Workaround | Resistance | Escape. The 4 Ground Escape Concepts help to create the mental framework that allows the power of different techniques to be released through effective movements.


OLIVA Combat System Professional Law Enforcement Tactics (P.L.E.T.) is considered by many experts to be the most modernly engineered and most effective close combat system designed for law enforcement and security personnel. This course is just for Law Enforcement!

Force Continuum Control

Force Continuum Control is absolute control and neutralization of suspects. It deals with mindset and overcoming fear, tactics and conflict control. The basic idea is that law enforcement and security professionals use the least physical conflict contact techniques required to control a situation and suspect.

Force Continuum Dumog

Force Continuum Dumog offers the most complete program of defense and attack, in addition to having the most effective movements, defense tactics and control techniques. Techniques used allow you to face much stronger opponent by means of pressure on anatomical points and pressure with push and pull. These allown you to overpower your opponent – no matter his physicall condition.

Force Continuum Advanced

Force Continuum Advanced involves the use of force and describes the range of actions that police officers can use in response to it. This is based on the principle that the officer should escalate and de-escalate their level of violence as a reaction to the actions of the suspect, alone or in team attack situations.

Law Enforcement Gun vs Knife

Law enforcement Gun vs Knife - a specific training module that is built on progressive combat scenarios, confrontation tactics, survival tactics and survival techniques with real-world training basics. A real, structured and pragmatic program increases the chances of surviving against knife attacks.

Law Enforcement Knife Defense

Knife attacks are constant deadly threat to law enforcement and security professionals. Law Enforcement Knife Defense is about dominating and controlling dangerous knife attack situations. Through targeted training modules, confrontational tactic training, survival techniques your chance of survival will increase extremely.

Executive Gun Combat

Executive Gun Combat shows and breaks-down massive and destructive combat techniques. It has maximum weapon retention method, defense techniques with the weapon and definitely serves as a practical and effective gun combat guide for law enforcement and security experts.

Expandable Baton Tactics

Expandable Baton covers basic and advanced techniques and tactics. Focus is on a practical training program with 3 training modules, which is geared towards the defensive and offensive concept made for emergency services or security experts.

Hand to Hand Combat Techniques

Law enforcement Hand to Hand Combat training method is based on distinctive scenarios, fierce unarmed and knife attacks, rapid attack scenarios, confrontation tactics and survival tactics. H2H Combat with its custom made survival techniques is geared towards emergency responders and security professionals.

Ground Gun Defense

Effective scenario-based force-on-force training using handy security tools and teffective solutions to survive sudden potentially lethal attacks. Ground Gun Defense/Retention is the correct way to defend yourself and protect the weapon when on ground!

Gun Retention Tactics

Gun Retention Tactics training is necessary for the decision-making process of deadly violent situations. A correct and effective tactics is of enormous importance to effectively and correctly defend the weapon. Gun Retention Tactics is a perfekt way to develop professional self-defense skills.

Gun Retention Technique

Gun Retention Combat corresponds to pure combat in Close Combat Range & Clinch Position. It provides maximum weapon retention and serves as a practical and effective training guide for the Retention Combat Range.Proper trained team members can effectively protect their weapon and life under difficult and extremely threatening circumstances.

Gun Retention Combat

Gun Retention Technique has a progressive training system with effective techniques for the self-protection of the officers and the service weapon control. The training focuses on weapon retention techniques for security forces facing the most aggressive conflicts.

Distance Shooting Drills

Defensive training of firearms, there are a large number of shooting exercises that can be used in your training routine. The different types of reloads, Gun vs Knife, Defensive Ground, Stand Up & Close Combat firearms exercises, are crucial when working on new skills. It is mportant to build a solid defensive foundation with training scenario exercises.

Fundamentals of Shooting

Fundamentals of Shooting focuses on the 5 Foundation and 7 Shooting chronology. It is of fundamental importance to know and master it. Firearm's Shooting Tactics Concept will increase the probability of survival at these distances and position.

Car Gun Fundamentals

Car Gun Fundamentals Program consists of 3 modules and it is a shooting combat technique to maximize human skills and tactical efficiency. The clear basic techniques allow rapid target acquisition and effective protection and full alert mode of the armed forces through simple hold and practical training method.

Flashlight Defense

Flashlight for Self Dedefense with multipurpose concept. The perfect applicable tactical flashlight or tactical flashlight short-strike weapon in on-off mode meets the full needs for an officer on duty. This highly efficient, simple and direct tool is a perfect self-defense weapon.

Gun Flashlight Technique

Law Enforcement tactical flashlight that can be used also used as a short-strike weapon. This reality-based training features flashlight and gun combination blows with their detailed description. The correct use of such flashlights combined with gun is an effective force enhancer in a self-defense encounter.

Gun Disarm Training

Gun Disarm training is aimed for law enforcement and security professionals around the world. The basic gun disarm training program is essential and highly life-relevant. Following this training law enforcement officer can act correctly and effectively for self-protection when confrontet with gun.

Gun Disarm Concepts

Gun Disarm Concepts present a new fundamental disarm-concept for law enforcement and security professionals. These concepts are based on 4 survival points: Escape | Control | Disarm | Pression. Concept presentation and break-down of effective movement techniques.

Knife Primary Locks

Knife Primary Locks focus on training the motoric techniques and physical manipulation in a standing position as well as on the ground. This training lets you recognise simple index points for motor control and apply these points to effectively carry out a full defense technique and control over the opponents, with pressure and neutralization concept.

C.A.T. Military courses

For security reasons, the program for members of the military is trained live!

Just for MIlitary!


„You gave me lot of gold to work with. You really changed the way i look at everything. My approach to training is going to be tremendously improved thanks to you.“

US Marines Corps

Sgt Victor Aroyo

The efficiency, speed and direct way of the techniques ... were astonishing and convinced us immediatly. We could strongly feel your (Salvatore's) drive, your passion and your motivation to teach us the techniques not only in our aching muscles the next day.

Specialforces Department Enzian State Police Bern, Switzerland

Peter Jenk

This methos is highly appreciated by our police officers. The details of the system make it a must for every police training: simplicity, efficiency and safety. Master Salvatore OLIVA ... is a person of integrity and a great master.

Chef of Police Department and Instructor Basque Region Police Academy, Spain

D.Octavio Valle Heras

This system, and Cobra Assault Tactics in particular, is proven to be an easy, effective and practical combat system. It's a successful mixture wich is perfect for police, military or security professionals. It shows you a new perspective to the variety of security problems, and at the same time gives you ways and strategies to get these problems solved.

Chef City Police Department Kloten Switzerland

Vincenzo Condoleo

The power of this person is the fire inside, fed through many years of strict discipline, wich have resulted in exeptional skills. Salvatore Oliva gives you a kick that comes from within where his own restless flame pushes him to new limits of excellence.

Director Budo International

Alfredo Tucci

Not only is this excellent, effective and practice relevant system highly impressive but also the skills of Salvatore Oliva himself. His great competence in didactical tutoring is topped with his vast knowledge in various Martial Arts.

Detective Officer State Police Department Zürich Switzerland

Robert Thomi

The structure of the training was chosen wisely - everyone obtained full advantages of the lesson and wasn't overloaded with complicated routines. I can recommend you with a clear conscience at anytime.

Instructor Selfdefense State Police Department Zürich Switzerland

Gort Silva